Intro Sunhu

Ningbo Sunhu Chem. Products Co., LTD. was co-founded in Oct 2000 by Mr. Yuan Weifang, Mr. Wu Shaoxun (Chairman of Hubei Jing Brand Co., Ltd. ) and Mr. Wang Delu (Chairman of Beijing Greatwall Enterprise Institute) with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. The name of the company "Sunhu" originates from an excerpt of I Ching: The Book of Changes, "Exploring mysteries to understand laws of changes is the fullness of virtue ", representing “vigor and flexibility”.
   As a supplier of special materials and speciality chemicals, we regard innovation as our mission and provide individualized services for manufacturing industry in China. We proactively put forward the strategic position of "Serving and Promoting Manufacturing Industry in China" on the founding of the company. We regard producing and trading non-ferrous and precious metals as well as speciality chemicals as our core business, and we also make efforts to meet the requirements of producers in different areas from China and abroad by providing solutions of virtual R & D, preparation and commission processing. Currently Sunhu is the top nickel distributor in the Asia-Pacific area, the biggest agent of Vale Inco and Norilsk in the world, the most important supplier of cyanide, metal salts as well as nickel and copper products in South and East China, and a major supplier of electroplating materials in East China. And it is when nickel became the major trading product of Sunhu did we establish partnerships with hedge funds in Wall Street and London.